This is Pottery Beginners

Welcome to Pottery Beginners– your first step into the world of pottery! Our mission is simple—we want to welcome you to the pottery party. We’re here to be your guides, offering tips, tricks, and tutorials as you journey through the art of pottery.

pottery beginners founder working at wheel

Meet the Team

Shannon Colson

Head Author

A self-proclaimed “chronic hobbyist”, Shannon tried pottery thinking it would be a one-time thing—a year and a half later, she hasn’t stopped creating! Whether it’s on the wheel or hand building, she’s enjoying exploring it all. Although these days, you’ll find her more often hand building, creating fun pieces to gift & decorate her home!

Our Goals

Educate Beginners

From selecting the right tools to understanding the lingo, we’re here to provide all the resources a beginner might need.

Hands-on Experience

We’re firm believers that you can start your clay journey from home! We provide fun hand building tutorials for a hands-on clay experience.

Build Community

We believe that sharing is caring! That’s why we’re cultivating a creative community—Join our reddit community here!


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