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Best Pottery Gifts: 9 Pieces for Everyone on Your List (2024)


Ready to find some unique, heartwarming gifts for your pottery-lover? We’ve done the legwork for you, combing through Amazon’s homemade section to pick out the coolest pottery gifts of 2024. Whether you’re shopping for a foodie, a fashion-forward friend, or that family member who always has a cup of tea in hand, we’ve got something special that they’re going to love. So, let’s dive in and check out these artisanal gems that are sure to make your loved ones feel extra special this year!


Hand-Thrown Pottery Noodle Bowl

Everyone’s got that food-loving friend – the one who’s a walking directory of the best takeout joints and is all about their culinary passions. For them, the hand-thrown noodle bowl from Page Pottery is an ideal pick. It’s not just a stunning addition to their kitchen collection, but also brilliantly practical with its clever chopstick holes. Plus, it’s a breeze to clean being both microwave and dishwasher safe. A gift that’s as functional as it is beautiful? Yes, please!


Hand-Made Pottery Ring Holder

Know someone who’s always on top of their fashion game? This hand-made pottery ring holder is just what they need.  Not only is it a chic piece of decor with its beautiful blue glaze, but its also practical for your jewelry loving friend. It’s perfect for keeping all those rings in check and making sure they’re never lost in the depths of a drawer again.


RAAQUU Hana Mini Vase

If you’re searching for pottery gifts that are tiny but make a big statement, the RAAQUU Hana Mini Vase is just the thing. This petite vase, standing at a cute 3.5 inches, is a masterpiece of Raku ceramic fired pottery. Handcrafted with attention to detail, it features a distinctive Raku design and is available in a variety of 24 different colors and shapes. Add a single flower bud to this vase, and it instantly transforms into an eye-catching piece of home decor. Perfect for those who love a touch of uniqueness in their space!


Ceramic Spoon Rest

Got a friend who loves to bake? Brighten up their kitchen with this Sapphire Blue Ceramic Spoon Rest from Joyful Clay Store. This spoon rest isn’t only about keeping the counters clean during those baking marathons – it’s a stylish addition that your baking buddies will love. Perfect for those moments between mixing and tasting, it’s bound to be a favorite in their kitchen!


Handmade Match Striker

Matchbook art has taken off this year, so why not lean in? For the friends that always are on top of the trend, the HENRO Company Match Striker is a beautifully handcrafted mini pottery piece. Made in North Carolina, it’s perfect for the friends that love a cozy candle ambiance! What’s even better? It comes with its own set of matches. Unique, chic, and perfect for adding a warm glow to their cozy nights in – it’s a gift that’s sure to strike the right chord with your fashionable friends.


32 Oz Turquoise Hand Thrown Mug

Coffee enthusiasts, here’s something you’ll love: a 32 oz turquoise mug from North Carolina pottery. It’s not just any mug – the size is perfect for those who can’t get enough coffee, and the design? Absolutely stunning. The hand-thrown aspect adds a personal touch, making it more than just a mug but a piece of art. If you know someone who cherishes their coffee time, this mug is a perfect gift. It’s well-crafted, gorgeous, and sure to be a favorite for anyone who loves a big, comforting cup of coffee. Gift it with some artisanal coffee beans, and it’s sure to be a favorite!


Paint Watercolor Bowl

Looking for the perfect pottery gifts for your artist friends who seem to have everything? Check out this Paint Watercolor Bowl from Mud Place Store. This handmade gem features cool black and white speckled stoneware design that every artist will appreciate. It’s just the right size for cleaning brushes, and as a handy bonus, has a spot on the top for brushes to sit! It’s both beautiful and functional – exactly what any artist would love to have in their creative space.


Farmhouse Style Soup Bowls

Soup season is here, and we have the perfect gift for the friend who’s all about their soups, chilis, or stews: this set of Farmhouse Style Soup Bowls! They come in a gorgeous variegated blue color that’s sure to catch the eye. And we love that they have handles—so handy for carrying those hot dishes straight to the table. Perfect for anyone who loves their comfort food during the winter months!


Japanese Tea Bowls

Tea enthusiasts, here’s something special – the MQjzsh Handmade Chinese Japanese Tea Bowls. This set of four porcelain tea cups is not just about enjoying tea; it’s about doing it in style. Each cup boasts a unique color and design, making every tea session a little more special. They’re great for use at home or in the office, and they’re just the right size, holding 110ml. Whether your friend likes to drink tea, “spill” the tea, or both, this set makes for a thoughtful and stylish gift!


Dried Herb Spice Pot

Add some spice this spirited season! For the chefs and home cooks, give them the Mud Place’s Dried Herb Spice Pot with Cork Jar. This handcrafted pottery piece stores spices AND adds a dash of rustic charm for your kitchen. Plus, the cork jar top is sure to keep your herbs fresh and flavorsome! Toss in some artisanal spices to complete the gift, and watch your chef friends get crazy in the kitchen!

Wrapping Up

There you have it – a roundup of some seriously awesome pottery gifts that are as unique as the people you’re buying for. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill presents; each piece is handcrafted and full of character, perfect for adding that extra sprinkle of joy to their birthday or holiday. Happy gifting!


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