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The Beginner Roundup: Hand Building Pottery Tools


Hey newbie potter! Welcome to the wonderful, messy, and utterly satisfying world of hand building pottery. Armed with your beginner kit, you’re ready to make some truly fantastic works of art. But we can’t help sharing a few extra tools that will make your life easier, and your pottery more professional. We’re here to share the scoop on the best hand building pottery tools to get you started. And, even better, these tools are ones that you can use at home, and turn your space into a studio! We’re sharing hand building pottery tools that are easy to use, worth the investment, and will help your pottery dreams take shape. Ready to dive in? Let’s go!

How We Assessed the Best Pottery Kits

When stepping into the pottery world, it’s essential to know that tools can make or break your experience. Here’s how we picked the best for you:

Performance: It’s all about results. A tool can be fancy and pricey, but if it doesn’t do its job efficiently, it’s not making the cut. The Wire Bevel Cutter, for instance, not only promises but delivers a seamless and robust connection between slabs. The ORIISIN molds ensure that every plate and trinket dish turns out just how you imagined, every single time.

Professional Appeal: We’re not just looking for tools that work. We want tools that will elevate your pottery game to the next level, making your pieces look like they’ve been crafted by a seasoned pro. Take the US Art Supply Sculpting Wheel – it ensures that every side of your masterpiece is treated with equal attention, leading to a well-rounded, professional finish.

Bang for Your Buck: Affordability is a factor, but it’s not just about the cheapest option. We’ve considered if the tool offers value in terms of versatility, durability, and the little extras. The Geesta Adjustable Wood Rolling Pin, usually a baker’s companion, proves that a tool can be versatile, efficient, and pocket-friendly. Meanwhile, the Penguin Pottery’s wedging board is like having a portable studio, transforming any space while ensuring your clay remains in perfect condition.

With these parameters in mind, we’ve curated a list of hand building pottery tools that promise to make your handbuilding experience smoother, more enjoyable, and, dare we say, almost professional. Dive in and discover tools that are set to become your pottery best friends!

Product Buying Guide

Wire Bevel Cutter

The wire bevel cutter is an absolute game-changer for slab builders. If you’ve ever tried joining two slabs together, you know it’s not always smooth sailing. But with the Wire Bevel Cutter, you’re in for a treat. It allows you to create bevel cuts, which result in a more seamless and stronger connection. But don’t just take our word for it—you’ll probably hear your handbuilding teacher or other potters rave about how it makes attaching pieces a breeze! This particular tool is multifunctional, and offers quick and precise cutting at 45, 30, and 60-degree angles. And, it’ll last you all your beveling days, with a wire that remains taut, and its sturdy wooden form. And did we mention how affordable it is? It’s like the universe KNOWS you need it.

Geesta Adjustable Wood Rolling Pin

Okay, don’t raise your brows! I know this tool is typically seen in the baking aisle, but if it’s good enough for pastries, it’s definitely good enough for pottery. The beauty of the Geesta rolling pin lies in its thickness rings. With 5 size options, you’re guaranteed a consistent thickness every single time. Slide those rings onto the pin and roll out your slab to your desired thickness, ranging from 1/16” to ½”. Plus, it’s made of sturdy wood, ensuring it stands up to all the slabs you’ve got planned. We can’t recommend this enough—you’ll be on a roll making slabs with the Geesta Adjustable Rolling Pin! 

Penguin Pottery – Portable Clay Wedging Board with Built-in Handle

Dreaming of a portable pottery studio? The Penguin Pottery Portable Wedging Board is here to make those dreams come true. Whether you’re working from your cozy living room or enjoying some sunshine outside, this board turns any table into a pottery haven. No more worrying about cleaning up your tables! Made with the highest-quality board material in the ceramics biz, it’s as durable as they come and even comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s great for wedging, rolling out clay, or just getting down to business. We recommend going with the 18×24 size to have ample work space! And the best part? It won’t dry out your clay. For home potters, this portable wedging board is a no brainer! 

US Art Supply Large 12″ Diameter Sculpting Wheel

Diving into handbuilding, you might find yourself unintentionally misshaping your clay pieces. Enter the sculpting wheel: a lifesaver for viewing your creations from all angles, ensuring consistent shapes and avoiding those little mistakes. The US Art Supply Sculpting Wheel offers a 360-degree spin, letting you perfect your piece without having to constantly lift or shift it. What stands out about this particular wheel? Its generous 12-inch diameter caters to larger projects, and features like the weighted rim and non-skid rubber base ensure stability during use. The wheel becomes indispensable when you’re aiming for even textures, detailed carvings, or intricate glazing and slip designs. Even for us dedicated hand builders, sometimes a wheel does come in handy!

ORIISIN ClayTools Ceramic Forming Mold

New to the pottery scene and aiming for that meticulous precision in your plate creations? Say hello to the ORIISIN ClayTools Ceramic Forming Mold. It’s not just another set of molds; it’s a game changer for those looking to infuse consistency and professionalism into their craft. Bursting with variety, this kit comes generously equipped with 18 diverse pieces, spanning across 6 elegantly crafted shapes, each available in 3 distinct sizes. Use them to form your piece, and support the clay as they dry for perfect shapes every time! So whether you’re in the mood to craft a dinner plate, design a charming trinket dish, or explore other creative avenues, these molds have got you covered.

Wrapping Up

You’re only as good as your set of tools, and we’ve shared some trusty options that’ll majorly enhance your handbuilding pottery game! And really, these hand building pottery tools are not just there to help—they’re here to amplify your creativity. From making slab joins seamless with the Wire Bevel Cutter to crafting plates with precision using ORIISIN’s molds, you’re not just setting up a studio, you’re setting the stage for greatness. So, clear off that table, tie on that apron, and let’s get sculpting!


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