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Pottery Kit for Kids: Unleash Their Creativity and Artistic Potential

Pottery is an ideal artistic adventure for kids, especially when they’re eager to graduate from playdough to crafting something that lasts! It’s a wonderful way for little ones to unleash their creativity, all while developing vital skills like hand-eye coordination and patience. Ready to set your little one on a path of pottery exploration? A pottery kit for kids is your golden ticket! In this article, we’ll dive into some of the top pottery kits out there, guiding you to find the perfect match for your child’s interests and aspirations.

sculpd kids pottery kit

Sculpd Kids Pottery Kit: A Complete Package for Budding Artists

One of the standout choices for budding potters is the Sculpd Kids Pottery Kit. This all-encompassing set provides everything your child needs to dive into the world of pottery and let their imagination run wild. The kit includes two bags of premium air-dry clay, perfect for hand-building and sculpting, and a 20-piece step-by-step guide to help them get started.

To add a splash of color to their creations, the kit comes with a 10-color paint set, along with ultra-fine bristle paint brushes for intricate details. It also features 26 letter stamps for personalizing pieces, five clay cutters for unique designs, and essential pottery tools like a rolling pin, wooden sculpting tools, and a potter’s sponge for smoothing. With such a wide array of tools and materials, the Sculpd Kids Pottery Kit promises hours of fun and creativity, allowing your child to craft everything from playful robots to charming snake pots.

Kit Summary:

  • 2 Bags of Premium Sculpd Air-Dry Clay
  • 20 Piece Step-By-Step Beginners Pottery Guide
  • 10 Color Paint Set
  • 26 Letter Stamps
  • 1 Sculpd Tool Case
  • 5 Clay Cutters
  • 1 Rolling Pin
  • 2 Wooden Pottery Tools
  • 2 Ultra Fine Bristle Paintbrushes
  • Potter’s Sponge for Smoothing
Faber-Castell Kids Pottery Wheel Kit

Faber-Castell Kids Pottery Wheel Kit: A Wheel Experience for Advanced Little Creatives

For kids eager to delve into an advanced pottery experience, the Faber-Castell Kids Pottery Wheel Kit is a perfect choice. This kit offers young artists the chance to experience the excitement of shaping clay on a spinning wheel, just like a professional potter.

The set comes with 3 pounds of natural clay, ideal for wheel pottery, along with a kid-friendly pottery wheel that ensures a safe and enjoyable experience. To enhance their creations, the kit includes white glaze for a smooth base coat and a set of opaque acrylic paints for adding vibrant designs. Six sculpting tools are also provided, allowing for detailed shaping and texture work.

While wheel pottery can be more challenging, this kit makes it accessible and fun, with illustrated instructions and online tutorials to guide your child through the process of centering and pulling walls. The Faber-Castell Kids Pottery Wheel Kit is a fantastic way for kids to advance their pottery skills and create stunning pieces.

Kit Summary:

  • 3 Ibs of Natural Clay
  • Pottery Wheel
  • White Glaze
  • Opaque Acrylic Paint
  • 6 Sculpting Tools
  • Additional Accessories
pott'd clay kit

Pott’d: A Kit for Beginners of All Ages

Dive into the world of pottery with the Pott’d kit, a perfect choice for beginners of any age. This comprehensive set offers a well-rounded experience, featuring eco-friendly, premium Pott’d Super Clay that air-dries naturally, along with a selection of custom wood pottery tools for sculpting and decorating. The kit also includes vibrant acrylic paints, brushes for detailed work, and a base coat and gloss varnish for a professional finish. With a quick-start guide and a handy easel to display instructions, the Pott’d kit strikes a perfect balance between guidance and creative freedom, allowing budding potters to explore their imagination while crafting a variety of pottery pieces.

Kit Summary:

  • 2 Bags of Eco-friendly, Premium Pott’d Super Clay
  • 5 Custom Wood Pottery Tools
  • 8 Premium Acrylic Pott’d Paints
  • 2 Artist’s Paint Brushes
  • Base Coat and Gloss Varnish
  • Quick-Start Guide
  • Pott’d Easel
pottery beginners

Pottery Beginners: Templates and Videos for Guided Pottery Making

For a guided pottery adventure, our slab templates and tutorials are just what you need! Tailored for beginners and kid-friendly, these resources offer a step-by-step video and a template for easy clay cutting. While our tutorials don’t include materials, you can the right clay in our air-dry clay article and the right tools in our “Best Pottery Tool Kit for Beginners” article. With our Pottery Beginners tutorials, you’re all set for a fun, budget-friendly, and creative pottery experience!


Pottery kits for kids are an amazing gateway to the vibrant world of art and creativity. Whether your child is drawn to hand-building or the thrill of wheel pottery, there’s a kit out there that perfectly matches their interests and skill level. Options like the Sculpd Kids Pottery Kit, Faber-Castell Kids Pottery Wheel Kit, and Pott’d kit stand out as fantastic choices, offering all the essential tools and materials for a rewarding pottery experience. And, with the help of our templates and videos, your child’s pottery journey can be even more enriching! So, let your child’s creativity soar and watch them embark on an exciting pottery adventure that will nurture their artistic potential!


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