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The Best Mini Potters Wheel

TikTok has done it again – it’s got me absolutely smitten with mini pottery wheels! There’s something irresistibly charming about these pint-sized wonders. They’re the perfect fit for home use, and let’s be honest, their cuteness factor is off the charts. Watching videos of teeny-tiny pottery being crafted is my new obsession, and I can’t get enough of those Instagram posts showcasing a myriad of miniature vases ready for the kiln. Yep, I’m totally under the spell of these adorable tools! So, I’ve embarked on a quest to find the best mini potters wheel out there. Join me as I share my top finds. And hey, if you’ve got a best mini potters wheel, I’m all ears – drop your recommendations in the comments! 

How We Review

In our quest to uncover the best mini pottery wheels, we’re not just spinning our wheels – we’re diving deep into the world of these adorable crafting tools. Here’s how we’re assessing each mini wheel to ensure we bring you recommendations that are both budget-friendly and high in quality:

Performance and Reliability: First and foremost, we’re testing how well these mini wheels perform. Can they handle a good spin without wobbling? Do they maintain a consistent speed? A great mini wheel should offer a smooth, stable experience, allowing for precise and enjoyable pottery making.

Build Quality and Durability: We’re examining the materials and construction of each wheel. It’s not just about being cute; these mini wheels need to stand the test of time. We’re looking for sturdy designs that can withstand regular use without falling apart.

Extra Features: Does the wheel come with any additional perks or accessories? We’re looking at any added features that enhance the pottery experience, such as variable speed controls, additional tools, or bonus materials.

The Best Mini Potters Wheel Winner 

The VEVOR Mini Pottery Wheel (Adjustable) is hands down the winner. If you want to try your hand at pottery before committing to a class, or just want to make super cute mini pieces like us, this is the wheel for you! Read on to discover more reasons why we love the VEVOR Mini Pottery Wheel. 

best mini potters wheel

VEVOR Mini Pottery Wheel Adjustable (The Winner)

We’ve found a real gem in the world of mini pottery wheels – the VEVOR Mini Pottery Wheel, a compact powerhouse that really delivers. It’s a standout for its ability to provide an experience close to using a full-sized wheel. The control you get over power and speed is impressive, making it ideal for crafting some pretty neat mini pieces. Plus, it comes with a delightful beginner’s pottery toolkit, sculpting tools, and even an apron, adding even more value to your pottery adventure. And let’s talk about the price – at around $40, it’s an absolute steal for anyone looking to explore the art of throwing without a hefty investment.

What really sets the VEVOR wheel apart for us is its removable splash tray. It’s a rare find in mini wheels, and it’s a game-changer for hassle-free cleaning and keeping messy slip and water contained.

Now, it’s important to note that the turntable size is 3.9 inches – smaller than our other contender, The MZOKUU 6” Mini Pottery Wheel. While this limits you to creating smaller, decorative items rather than functional pieces, it’s par for the course in the realm of mini pottery wheels, so we’re not counting it as a downside in the VEVOR’s case.


  • Excellent knob control for precision
  • Comes with a toolkit and sculpting tools
  • The removable splash tray is a clean-up dream


  • The turntable size is on the smaller side
mzokuu mini pottery wheel

The MZOKUU 6” Mini Pottery Wheel

This 6-inch pottery wheel is an absolute charmer! First off, who can resist the allure of color options? You get to choose between a delightful pink or a vibrant green wheel, adding a splash of fun to your pottery space. The size of this wheel is a big plus – at 6 inches, it’s notably larger than some other mini wheels we’ve seen, giving you the freedom to craft pieces that aren’t just decorative but potentially functional too, like quaint cups and bowls.

The bundle of goodies it comes with is also a big win. You’re all set to start creating right out of the box with a beginner’s kit, sculpting tools, and even a batch of air dry clay. Though, a little heads up – the air dry clay included might need a bit of extra water and kneading. For those with access to a kiln, we’d suggest opting for traditional ceramic clay to elevate your creations further. Plus, the adjustable speed control via the knob on the plug is a handy feature, allowing for precision crafting.

Now, while there’s a lot to love about this wheel, it does come at a higher price point compared to other options. If you’re considering moving into more functional pottery pieces, you might want to think about investing a bit more (just an extra $100 or so) in a regular-sized beginner’s wheel that you can find on Amazon.

The Pros

  • Bigger wheel size
  • Includes a splash tray
  • Comes with everything you need

The Cons

  • Air dry clay 
  • High price point 
vevor mini pottery wheel

VEVOR 30W Ceramic Wheel

Here’s another shoutout to VEVOR in our mini pottery wheel roundup – and this one’s a TikTok sensation! This wheel is all about crafting the tiniest of pottery pieces, with the largest turntable size being just under 4 inches. What’s super cool about this model is its versatility in turntable sizes. You have the option to switch between 1.9”, 2.5”, or 3.9” turntables, giving you the flexibility to match the wheel size to your project and mood. This feature, along with the included beginner tool set, sculpting tools, and the knob for speed control, really makes it feel like you’re working with a full-sized wheel. Plus, the price point is a big win, coming in at less than half the cost of the MZOKUU 6” Mini Pottery Wheel!

Now, let’s talk cons. This little gem doesn’t come with its own clay. However, that’s hardly a deal-breaker since, for wheel throwing, ceramic clay is generally the preferred choice over air dry clay. The major downside? It lacks a splash tray. So, prepare for a bit of a mess – it’s part of the fun, right? We suggest setting up shop in a space where splatters and spills are no big deal, like a garage or a dedicated arts and crafts room.

The Pros

  • Multiple turn table size options
  • Budget friendly 

The Cons

  • No splash tray (will be messy!)


As we wrap up our exploration into the delightful realm of best mini potters wheels, one thing is clear: the world of tiny pottery is vast and full of surprises. Our top pick, the VEVOR Mini Pottery Wheel, stands out as a shining example of what these compact creatives can offer. It’s not just about their adorable size; it’s about the immense potential and joy packed into these small packages.

Whether you’re a beginner embarking on a new hobby or an experienced potter looking for a fun challenge, the mini pottery wheel offers a unique and enchanting experience. The balance of quality, affordability, and functionality in our top choice makes it an excellent entry point into this miniature world!


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    Oh my goodness, how fun. I have to get one.

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      Right??! I’m so excited to get mine—can’t wait to make mini pots 🙂

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